Jesse Jagz – Odysseus Full Album @JesseJagz

Jesse Jagz – Odysseus Full Album

It’s been a long time coming ladies and gentlemen and we are glad to tell you that the Emperor, Jesse Jagz has finally unleashed his Odysseus album.

The album is a 10 track project which would take about 46 minutes of your time to listen to all the tracks ie of course if you don’t repeat anyone and pretty sure you would.

Jesse Jagz comes in solid on this one, well it’s not like we are surprised, nobody does it like him.


1. DOWNLOAD Mp3: Dirty ft Hot Ice

2. DOWNLOAD Mp3: Genesis

3. DOWNLOAD Mp3: Alright ft Styl Plus

4. DOWNLOAD Mp3: Best In You

5. DOWNLOAD Mp3: Wide and Blue

6. DOWNLOAD Mp3: Fine n Clean ft Cynthia Morgan

7. DOWNLOAD Mp3: Ghetto Youth ft R2Bees

8. DOWNLOAD Mp3: Awake

9. DOWNLOAD Mp3: Rude Boys Quarters

10.DOWNLOAD Mp3: Violation ft Burna Boy


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