[STORY} RUNS GIRLS (+18) EPISODE 20 – 24 (continuation) – By Ejiba Ozioma Loyce


I was feeling very weak &my temperature was slightly high.
I soon drifted off to sleep & woke up around 4pm. I was drenched with sweat & my temperature was high. I felt headache too.
With the little energy I had, I went to a pharmaceutical shop nearby & bought some drugs to control the fever.
The fever stopped but I developed persistent itch in my private area. The itch was so discomforting that I had to rush back to the pharmaceutical shop to explain my predicament to them and seek treatment.
The man gave me some anti-fungal creams to rub in my pu$$¥ & also some antibiotics to take orally. He also advised that I use c0nd0m regularly and properly each time I had s3x. That moment, the reality of the magnitude of the risks I had exposed myself to struck me.
My fear wasn’t pregnancy but STD (sexually transmitted diseases). I was on oral contraceptive pill so I wasn’t afraid of pregnancy. Contracting STD was my major concern. But then it wasn’t all my fault. The men I slept with were very wealthy & had more than enough money to pay for my naked pu$$¥ & refusing to give it to them the way they want could ruin my business so there wasn’t much I could do. I had to live with the risk & make as much money as possible.
The drugs the pharmacist gave me proved effective & soon had the itch under control. It also took care of the fever & headache & I felt better.
But I still had to complete the dosage of the drugs to prevent recurrence. I kept my business & runz on hold till I fully recovered before I opened my phones again &waited for calls to star pouring in but surprisingly no call came. The little time I stayed away from business had affected my availability & I felt bad.
I decided to log unto Facebook to check what was happening online. My inbox was filled with messages as usual but I just glanced through & logged out.
All these online stuffs always turned out to be scam so I wasn’t moved by the messages. Rather I waited patiently & hoped that the calls would start pouring in.
When I waited & waited without any call coming through, I decided to call senator Clifford…
Senator Clifford answered my call on the second dial.
“Hello,” he replied on answering.
“Hello good day sir,” I began.
“Hope everything is going fine?”
“Call me back I’m in a very important meeting,” he replied & ended the call. The senator’s behaviour annoyed me but there was nothing I could do about it.
Then I remembered the contacts I gathered on the day of his birthday & smiled to myself. Since senator Clifford was busy, I rightly guessed that the senate president &his deputy would be busy too so I started with the commissioner of police. The man was so happy to hear my voice & asked me to meet him that evening in his personal guest house. Since business refused to come to me, I had to go for business afterall the fact that mountain refused to come to Muhammed doesn’t mean Muhammed can’t go to mountain. The only fear I had was that of STD but I didn’t know what to do. The pleasure of money had overtaken me & I couldn’t think of stopping. If my clients were small boys it would have been a different case. But for made men to pay you huge amount of money and you start talking about c0nd0m was out of place as long as business was concerned. Everything was cash and carry. Your client pays you & you give it to him anyhow he wants it.Risky but rewarding.
When I first set out into the business, my major fear & precaution was against unwanted pregnancy which I took care of with regular pills. The thought of STD never crossed my mind till I had those itch. Maybe my babalawo could help – you never can tell.
But I first had to honour the commissioner’s invitation first. That evening I met the commissioner in his guest house as planned & he gave me a very warm reception. Then as night came he took me upstairs into his bedroom & f.u.c.k.e.d me mercilessly in & out – front & back – up & down – & back & forth.
The next morning he wrote a cheque of 400,000 naira & gave it to me.
“The driver will drop you at the park,” he said smiling.
“Alright no problem,” I replied & left. As we drove, the driver told me lots of stories about the commissioner. How he slept with so many young girls of my age & how he always lied to his wife about meetings he never really attended. I just kept silent listening to him. When we got to the park, he dropped me off & drove back. I didn’t go to the commissioner’s place with my jeep as I didn’t want to give him the impression that I was rich. I flagged down a taxi & drove straight to the bank to cash the cheque as i didn’t want to take any chances. My birthday was forthcoming & I needed to draw out avenues to make money.
But first I needed to see babalawo urgently to know if there was anyway he could help me protect myself spiritually from STDs


The babalawo cleared his throat & smiled to himself after hearing all I had to say. He had recognised my face the moment I stepped in & had listened attentively to the reason why I came.
“You didn’t come again for the DO AS I SAY POWER?” He asked looking at me.
“Baba sorry no vex,” I apologised shaking my head.
“Dat aspect of drinking sp€rm no gree me do abeg.”
I didn’t even know when I switched from english to pidgin.
“Big things don’t come easy,” the baba replied grinning.
“You say you want spiritual protection from all ogbonge, yama-yama diseases?”
“Yes baba,” I replied nodding my head.
“Ok take this soap,” the baba said handing a package wrapped with palm leaves to me.
“Bath with it each time you do that thing with any man and you will be clean again with every dirt & disease washed off.”
“Ah baba thank you,” I greeted showing my gratitude.
“One more thing,” the baba continued.
“On no account should any other eye see this soap & for no reason should any other body bath with this soap. If they do, all the diseases that were washed off would return & engulf you.”
I shuddered as I listened to the baba dish out the instructions regarding the soap.
“I’ve heard everything you said & will keep to them,” I replied & dropped some money on the floor. Then I stood up and left.
The first thing I did when I got to my lodge was to hide the soap in a safe hidden place in my wardrobe. Then I went to the kitchen to prepare what to eat. I was still in the kitchen when my phone began to ring. I rushed to get the phone & to my utmost dismay, Denis was the caller. I hissed angrily & went back to the kitchen. My phone continued to ring but I ignored it.
When I was done cooking, I dished out some in my plate & went to check out the missed calls on my phone. I had missed 8 calls on my phone. The first 3 were from Denis while the last 5 were from senator Clifford. I quickly checked my account balance & discovered that I still had 3,500 naira balance so I dialled senator Clifford’s number.
“You weren’t answering my calls?” Senator Clifford asked as soon as he answered.
“I went to ease myself sir,” I replied.
“When would you stop addressing me as sir?” He asked.
“I’m sorry,” I apologised.
“Meet me at Gabby hotels this night,” the senator continued.
“Hope you’ll be free?”
“Yes I will,” I replied.
“I’ll be there.”
“Gabby hotel is 1 kilometre from Leo hotel so its not too difficult to locate.”
“Ok sir I will be there.”
“There you go again,” he commented & ended the call. That night, senator Clifford & I had fun long into the night & in the middle of the night, I informed him that my birthday was few days away.
“How do you plan to celebrate it?” Senator Clifford asked cuddling my nude body.
“In a big way with friends,” I replied stroking his d!ck.
“Alright no problem,” he said smiling.
The next morning, senator Clifford wrote my cheque & saw me off to my highlander jeep.
“Take care my darling,” he said as I opened the door to the jeep & entered.
“Thank u my love,” I replied &drove off. I got to my lodge & immediately rushed into the bathroom to bath with baba’s soap. I needed to see how effective the soap was & I had no time to waste….
I felt something run through me like an electric shock the moment the soap touched my body & I stood still for some time to comprehend what was happening.
A strong vibrating sensation had run through me the moment I sprinkled water on the soap & I couldn’t explain why. Or was that how it cleansed me of diseases? I couldn’t tell.
I took everything slow – the bathing I mean – from head to toe, making sure I washed off all the dirt on my body. I started from my neck, down to my b—m, stomach & down-down to my punani area. I rubbed that area slowly & steadily, savouring all the tingling sensation it gave me.
Then I went further down & scrubbed my legs, then came up once more to scrub my back & buttock before my face followed. When I was done, I splashed water all over my body except my head because of my hair & tactically poured water on my face too.
Then I got down & dried my body with my towel. I re-wrapped the soap with the palm leaves & went to keep it in the hidden corner of my wardrobe. I had barely sat on my bed to rub cream on my body when my phone began to ring.
“pussy weed & money(x2)” the phone rang. I glanced at the caller & it was senator Clifford.
“Name anything you wish for your birthday & I’ll grant it for you,” he said jolting me with his offer. My eyes widened & I wondered whether it was the baba’s soap at work. I had lots of needs in my mind & I didn’t know which to talk about. The senator waited patiently for my answer..
“I wish to go shopping in Dubai,” I said rolling my eyes.
“Wow is that all?” He asked making me feel like I could ask for more.
“Yes that is all for now,” I replied controlling my gluttony.
“Alright dear consider it done,” he replied & hung up

I couldn’t believe what I just heard. That senator Clifford had agreed to take me to Dubai for shopping on my birthday sounded too good to be true. But then I had to wait & see.
True to his words, senator Clifford processed my travelling documents gradually with his influence as a senator & within one week on the night of my birthday, I found myself sitting on an airplane for the first time in my life, on my way to Dubai, for a memorable shopping spree, free of charge…
Our plane landed in Dubai at exactly 11am Dubai time…To be honest, my eyes saw wonders. I didn’t tell my mum that I was travelling neither did I tell Denis, my estranged boyfriend.
‘Runs’ is one very risky but rewarding business. I didn’t tell my mum because I knew she would ask too many questions & possibly discourage me from travelling. What else would have taken me to Dubai if not runs? I felt so happy & successful. I had become an international lady &I felt it was worth celebrating. I was now several steps ahead of my peers in the business as I now had an international passport & could travel in & out of the country as at when necessary.
Senator Clifford was indeed God-sent & I felt honoured to have him in my life. I’ve never asked him about his family or wife. Those information weren’t any of my business. All that mattered to me was to satisfy him & receive my pay. We spent one week in Dubai & came back to Nigeria thereafter.
My pu$$¥ saw hell through out our stay as senator Clifford enjoyed himself anyhow & anywhere he wanted. I didn’t travel with baba’s soap because of the fear that senator Clifford could find it & bring untold consequences on myself. The baba had warned me seriously & I wasn’t ready to take any risk.
Senator Clifford & I went shopping severally & visited many places of interest. I bought clothes, handbags, shoes, under wears, make up & numerous clothing accessories. I also bought provisions & some foreign delicacies.
The trip was very fascinating & I felt like never coming back again but I had to come back for the sake of my family & academics.
Our flight landed on a sunday evening & senator Clifford’s driver dropped me off at my lodge & zoomed off.
I had lots of goodies to offload to my room and senator Clifford’s driver had waited patiently till I was done.
My room was dusty & I had lots of cleaning to do. When I was done, I went & took my bath with the baba’s soap. It was when I came out & senator Clifford started calling me again that I knew that there was a link between baba’s soap & senator Clifford’s recent calls.
I answered the call to hear what he wanted to say & yet again he asked me to make another wish & he would grant it for me.
Baba’s soap had not only the property of washing off diseases but also of holding men spell bound & driving them to do whatever I wanted. Senator Clifford had fallen into my trap & I was going to use it to my advantage, no doubt…
“I need a very well furnished duplex of my own,”I replied straight away.
“A well furnished duplex?” He asked probably to be sure he heard me right.
“Yes a well furnished duplex,” I repeated.
“Alright consider it done,” senator Clifford replied & ended the call. I felt so good & elated.
I was already ranking as the biggest girl in Filbom lodge – for that was the name of our lodge –& had so many girls flocking round me for assistance. The guys living in our lodge felt too intimidated to talk to me as they felt I was far above their class & would have no respect for them. I respected their assumptions & kept my distance to avoid insult.
Even if I wasn’t going to live in the duplex, I could rent it out & have it serve as another source of income for me.
It had been long I saw my family & I felt the need to go home & see them. I also wanted to use the opportunity to show them my jeep & prove to them – my mum in particular – that I was doing fine.
I hadn’t received any call from any hotel or clients since I came back from Dubai except from senator Clifford. I got up from my bed & went to my wardrobeto dress up. My clothes were all rumbled sake for the one I ironed the night before. I quickly wore it, put on some make up & left. I didn’t plan to spend the night at home so I had to leave early enough so that I could get back on time. I got home around 5 o’clock in the evening.
My mum’s face turned into a frown the moment she saw me alight from my jeep.
“Wonders shall never end o!” She exclaimed.
“Mummy how?” I asked staring at her with surprise.
“Wonders shall never end!” She repeated.
“Oh! the jeep? I bought it few days ago. Come & take a look,” I persuaded. My mum reluctantly came over & peeped at the interior of the vehicle.
“Wonders shall never end!” She exclaimed again.
“Thought I told you about my new job?” I asked staring surprisingly at her.
“I told you that I now work & go to school.”
“Please what type of work is that?” My mum asked.


“Company work & they pay well,” I replied. My mum kept mute staring continuously at me & the car.
“Mummy I bought this for you,” I said bringing out a parcel from the back seat & handing it to her.
“What is inside?”
“Open it first nah.”
“I’m not interested in your gift!” My mum said dropping the gift on the floor & shrugged her shoulders.
“You’ve finally succeeded in joining prostitution abi?”
“How can you say such thing?” I countered feigning annoyance.
“I work with a top perfume company & they pay me well.”
“How can a student be working with a top company and be paid well to buy a jeep? You don’t even know how to lie.” My mum pointed out.
“It was God’s favour,” I continued.
“You know that our family is always favoured.”
The argument continued as we went into the house. My siblings were all in school & my mum was left with the house-help which she had brought to work & keep her company. I spent approximately one hour at home before I started coming back to my lodge.
I had driven for about thirty five minutes on the express way when I noticed that a particular 504 car was trailing my jeep. I slowed down, they slowed down. I increased speed, they increased speed.
Without thinking twice, I pressed on the gas pedal & it answered without hesitation. The 504 followed suit in hot pursuit.The occupants of the car were young men about six in number. It was a race of life and death as those guys were determined to overtake & probably block me. But then my driving lessons weren’t in vain & my darling jeep was still in good shape. The chase continued.
There weren’t too many cars on the road so the few I saw, I overtook them instantly & sped on.The 504 did the same & followed in hot pursuit. All of a sudden, my jeep started losing speed & the 504 caught up with me & attempted to overtake me. I pressed harder on my gas pedal, no show. I swerved to the left then to the right to block them as they attempted to overtake me.
At last, I sighted a police station infront & quickly drove in as the 504 peugeot sped on without stopping as they knew the implication of attempting to snatch my car inside a police station…
“I was being pursued by armed robbers,” I narrated to the middle-aged policeman who came to question me for driving into the premises in the manner I did.
“Armed robbers?” He echoed.
“They sped off as soon as I entered this place. They’ve been following me from far off,” I explained.
“Hmm ok no wahala,” the policeman replied.
“But u go roger us something nah for saving u.”
The way he said “roger us something” sounded like there were hundreds of them but in essence it was only him standing before me. I opened my handbag & brought out N500 note & handed to him.
“Ah madam thank u,” he greeted.
“Na God go bless u walahi. Nagode madam thank u.”
I waved at him, wind my glass, engaged my gear in reverse, drove back a bit, selected gear one & zoomed off without looking back.
I got to my lodge around 9pm in the evening & beeped my horn & our security man opened the gate for me.
The security man was employed few days after that incident that occurred the night I celebrated my new jeep. I had just switched off my ignition when a call from Gaby hotel came into my phone that a client needed my company for the night & was willing to pay upto 500k depending on how well I satisfied him.
The amount 500k hit the sensitive part of my auditory cortex and I didn’t know when I switched on my ignition to the immense surprise of the security man.
“Please I forgot something,” I said motioning to him to open the gate for me. He obeyed & I drove off to meet up with the business. I couldn’t imagine myself going into my room to sleep while cool 500k passed me by.
I got to Gaby hotel around 9.45pm & introduced myself to the receptionist. Itwas the first time I was doing business with the hotel so I didn’t emphasise my “pay before service” policy. I just gave them the benefit of the doubt cos the hotel looked rich & well managed.
“Room 245,” the receptionist informed pointing down the hallway.
“The room at the extreme by your right.”
I thanked him & followed the direction he was pointing. I heard muffled voices of couples having s€x in their rooms as I made my way to room 245.
“Mm…ouh.. Oouuuss…the juice is coming out!” I heard a masculine voice moan as I searched on. I soon got to room 245 & tapped on the door.
To my surprise, a feminine voice responded & asked me to come in. I had never had a female client since I ventured into this business & that night seemed it was going to be my first time. I swung the door open & went in.
Truly, my client was a well groomed middle-aged woman. She wasn’t fat but nonetheless had enough flesh in the right places & looked more like a married woman than a single lady


My first thought when I saw her was that she had probably invited me to carry out some of her dirty jobs for her like set somebody up or help her get something from an enemy via seduction. Not until she asked me to pull off my clothes & give it to her like no other lady had ever done before.
I wasn’t experienced in l€sbian s€x & had never come across my mind that I would one day come across a female l€sbian client. I stood transfixed to the spot I was standing unsure of what to do.
“Don’t tell me you came here to mope at me?” She snapped becoming irritated.
“Sorry ma,” I apologised & instantly took off my clothes.
“Help me & remove mine,” she instructed turning her back.I unzipped her blouse & skirt which revealed robust & well fed b00bs & bumbum. Her b00bs were full far from the sagged b00bs I had expected to see. Her bumbum was very fleshy & soft to touch. I set to work as soon as her clothes were off, working my way from one n!ppl€ to the other as my free hand explored her hairy pu$$¥ region.
I needed my full payment so there wasn’t any time for dulling. Inexperience wasn’t going to be an excuse to lose 500k & if I didn’t know what to do, I did what I knew.
“Suck me,” she instructed pointing at her pu$$¥ area. I hesitated for a while but caught myself superbly.
“Lie down and spread your legs,” I commanded for the first time that night to gain some control before she started seeing me like a slave with no opinion. She lay down & spread her legs as I instructed.
She had a very fat pu$$¥ much fatter than mine with hairs all over. I couldn’t tell the last time a shaving stick came across that area but that wasn’t any of my business. My concern was to do my job & earn my money. Without wasting time I plunged my tongue into the bushy orifice & lapped on and on like a thirsty dog.
“Umph,” the woman moaned holding on to my shoulders. I s—-d her for 23 minutes before we switched position & assumed the pu$$¥ to pu$$¥ position in a scissors style. Our pu$$ies rubbed against each other & gave her immense pleasure which I couldn’t explain.
We rubbed on like that for forty-five minutes & there-about before she was eventually gripped by her o—m & lay off exhausted on the bed. The next morning I had my cheque of 500,000 naira duly signed & waiting for me for a job well done…
I got to my hostel that morning & as usual ran into the bathroom to bathe with baba’s soap. It was the first time I was having l€sbian s€x in my entire life and unlike straight s€x where the man did the bulk of the work, in l€sbian s€x, the runs girl did the greater part of the work. I didn’t know if baba’s soap included l€sbian s€x in it’s offer of protection & I wanted to check it out.
The morning sun shone brilliantly as I came back that morning but I still felt cold probably from anxiety. I finished bathing & came out feeling cool & refreshed. Then my phone started ringing. I looked at the caller and it was my last client – the female l€sbian client I slept with the night before. My heart fluttered & skipped a beat & two.
I had exchanged numbers with the woman before I left but I hadn’t expected her call so soon or did she just want to know whether I reached safely? I pressed the answer button of my phone & brought the receiver to my ear.
“Hello,” I answered.
“Hello is that Rosy on the line?” She asked.
“Yes its me Rosy.” I replied.
“Before I say Jack Robinson, bring back that 500,000 naira I gave you immediately,” she thundered.
“I don’t understand ma,” I replied hesitantly.
“What didn’t you understand?” She barked.
“I said you should bring back that 500,000 naira I gave you,” she repeated.
“Unto which levels?” I asked laying aside the gentle part of me & bringing out the runz girl part. “
Ur brain dey touch? How u go pay me money finish begin ask me make I bring am back? U dey craze?”
“Na me u dey raise voice for?” The woman asked sending my heart fluttering a new.
“Na me u wan use juju manipulate abi? You use juju block my eye sotey I carry 500k giv u abi? Oya watch & see. Na me & you for this city.”
I quickly ended the call & shivered with fear. I couldn’t understand what I had gotten myself into & I wondered whether baba’s soap had any connection with what just happened. I stood still shivering like a dry harmattan leaf. I didn’t know what the woman was capable of & there was no way I could predict her next move.
But wait first – I told myself – why am I even afraid of this woman? No be the same woman wey she be I be? Abi she wan use intimidation corner me one side? I hissed & went over to my cupboard to rub cream. I brought out my left palm in the characteristic manner & with my right hand squeezed the cream container.
To my surprise, clotted blood puffed out of the container & unto my palm.
“Jesus!” I screamed dropping the container & jumping to my feet. I flapped my left hand & spluttered the blood all over the floor of my room
EPisode 25 loading..,…. Ciao

Credits To Ejiba Ozioma Loyce


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