[STORY} RUNS GIRLS (+18) EPISODE 14 – 16 (continuation) – By Ejiba Ozioma Loyce

My legs wobbled as his fingers brushed past my cl!t0ris. The senator noticed this and carried me to the bed.
His d!ck was already standing at attention as I gently parted my legs for him and he plunged deeply into my wet pu$$¥.
“You’re the best!” He exclaimed with excitement as the soft walls of my pu$$¥ wrapped round his d!ck and gripped him tight.
“Umph, ummm, mmm, Oops,” the senator moaned as he f.u.c.k.e.d me front and back.
“uuhhhhhh,” he groaned as he climaxed and started ejaculating his semen inside my pu$$¥. Then he climbed down, trying to catch his breath.
“You’re the best!” He complimented for the second time.
“You said Digoxy gave you my number right?”
“Yes,” I replied.
“How come he didn’t tell me about you?” He asked.My heart flew into my chest as I thought my lie was about to be exposed.
“Maybe he forgot,” I replied in a bid to downplay his fears.
“Anyway he made a nice choice,” the senator remarked. We did three more rounds before the senator became exhausted and slept off. He woke up around 7am the next morning and had his bath. Then he dressed up and gathered his belongings together.
“I have a flight to catch before 9am,” he announced glancing at his watch. Then he dipped his right hand into his briefcase and brought out a cheque of five hundred thousand naira.
“This is for you,” he said handing the cheque to me. My eyes widened with shock and excitement as I stretched out my hand to collect the cheque.
For the first time in my life, I had five hundred thousand naira all to myself.
“Feel free to call me anytime you need help,” the senator added walking towards the door.
“Thank you sir, I’m grateful,” I said in appreciation.
“Call me anytime you want and don’t forget to make yourself available anytime your services is needed,” he said and banged the door behind him…
I journeyed back to my hostel feeling on top of the world. I was five hundred thousand naira richer and had gotten strong connection as well. The cab I entered dropped me infront of our hostel and I alighted.
My boyfriend, Dennis stood infront of my room waiting for me to come back.
“Your number was switched off through out the night?” Dennis asked as soon as I came close.
“Yes I was reading so I switched off my phone,”I lied.
“Is that so? Where are you coming from?”
“I went to ATM to withdraw some money. You know we don’t have any ATM nearby.”
Dennis stared at me suspiciously. My dressing was provocative and I knew Dennis had ideas running in his head.
“You went to ATM dressed like this?” He asked looking bewildered.
“Yes and what about it?” I snapped.
“Hmm,” he snorted.
“Let’s go inside jor,” I said leading the way. My roommate Stella was yet to come back so we had the room all to ourselves. I was very tired after the long night with the senator but I didn’t show it.
Dennis grabbed me playfully as soon as we entered inside and yanked off my clothes. There was little time for romance as my roommate could come back anytime. With one clean sweep, he lifted me off the floor and dropped me on the bed. He tore away his clothes quickly too and joined me. Then he spread my legs and drove in; moving back and forth like a he-goat.
Five minutes later, he came. We were still catching our breath and cleaning up when my roommate came back and knocked on the door. We hurriedly wore our clothes and opened the door for her.
Stella came in and stared at Dennis for some seconds. Then she asked angrily:
“What is this foolish boy doing here?”
“Who?” I asked to be sure she knew whom she was talking about.
“This foolish boy,” she repeated pointing at Dennis.
“This boy used me and dumped me years ago when I was still in first year.”
Dennis stared back at Stella not knowing what to say. Stella’s outburst had taken him by surprise and left him short of words.
“How dare you refer to my boyfriend as foolish?” I snapped rising to my feet with burning aggression. Stella stood rooted to the exact spot where she was standing. She probably had not expected that I would react that way so my reaction shocked her to a stand still.
“You have no right whatsoever to refer to my boyfriend as foolish and in my presence for that matter,” I continued.
“Let this be the first and last time you’ll try such thing.”
“Are you really talking to me like that?” Stella asked still moping at me.
“I will talk to you like that all over again for all I care,” I replied rolling my eyes.
“Please my love let’s go,” I said grabbing Dennis’ hand and pulling him to his feet.
“Don’t mind this mother-f–k!ng b—h!”
With that Dennis and I left the room and banged the door behind us…
For 2months, Stella and I didn’t talk to each other.She cooked her own meals differently while I cooked my own differently too.
Infact we did everything differently including some of the things we used to do together before. Whether I was right or wrong wasn’t my concern, my happiness was that I said my mind the way I deemed necessary.


Nonetheless, the incident strained my relationship with Dennis and I demanded an explanation from him. Dennis explained that he had met Stella some years back & had fallen in love with her & everything had gone well between them till he discovered that Stella was a runs girl and quit the relationship.
He further explained that they had lost contact since then till that morning when they met in my presence.
Dennis’ explanation left me with goose pimples all over my body.
“If only he knew I was a runs girl too,” I thought to myself smiling. My beef with my roommate continued nonetheless. I had gone to see a friend & was coming back when I saw mobile policemen surround our hostel talking in low tone.
“She’s the one!” my roommate exclaimed as soon as I entered the compound.
“What?” I asked nearly taking to my heels.
“You’re under arrest for conniving with cult-boys to snatch your roommate’s jeep,” the leader of the policemen said flashing his ID card.
“You have the right to remain silent or whatever you say will be used against you in the court of law.”
That I didn’t faint that moment was by the grace of God. How on earth was it possible that Stella’s jeep had been found? The guys that did the job had assured me that the operation went smoothly & hitch-free. How come the new development?
We soon got to the station & true to their words, Stella’s jeep was there.
“Please I wish to make a call,” I begged one of the policemen.
“Make call nah! Na new thing?” He snapped back looking away. I dialled Senator Clifford’s number & luckily for me, he answered & I explained everything to him. All he did was ask me to hand over the phone to the DPO which I did & before I knew what was happening, the case was closed & I became a free girl instantly much to the chagrin of my roommate..
I didn’t feel comfortable living with stella anymore after that incident so I relocated to a new lodge. I had cashed the cheque of 500,000 naira so I had enough money to furnish my new room. Senator Clifford was of great help too.
My new lodge was far from my former lodge – about an hour’s trek – so my chances of seeing Stella ever-again was very slim.
My strained relationship with Dennis was still ongoing but I ignored it and focused on other issues. I sent 50,000 naira to my mum to her uttermost shock and surprise.
“How did you come about this huge amount of money?” She had asked sounding angry.
“Mummy I now work with a computer firm,” I replied smiling. My mum didn’t sound satisfied with my answer but she doused her feelings superbly.
“Thank u so much my daughter,” she said and ended the call before I could say “you’re welcome.”It was obvious that she wasn’t very happy.
Mr Ofoegbu, the lecturer who thought he could play me, finally gave me my “A” so my beef with him ended. I remained in touch with senator clifford & called him every once in two days. The hotels whose business didn’t work out, I deleted them from my diary & focused on the ones that had better business to offer. All these was part of gaining experience.
My relocation also moved me far from my former roommate & removed the envy I felt each time I saw her. The speed with which I was released from police custody had irritated her but due to reasons best known to her, she kept cool and quietly took back her jeep.
I had come back from lectures & was relaxing one evening in my new room when a call came to my phone. I glanced at the caller and it was from the receptionist of Leo hotel – the hotel where I had spent the night with senator clifford.
“There was probably a new business on board” I thought to myself but I had to answer to be sure.
“Hello,” I said after pressing the green button & placing the phone next to my ear.
“Hello, this is the receptionist of Leo hotel, am I speaking with Rosy?”
“Yes you are,” I replied.
“A guest of ours would be needing your services tonight. Chief Justus Badmus Akimbola, he’s a multi-millionaire & CEO of Decums group of companies. Are you in for the job?”
“Yes I am,” I replied straight away without even thinking.
“How much would the job yield?”
“Nothing less than 500,000 naira.” The receptionist replied.
“Wow,” I murmured.
“I would be in your hotel 8pm on the dot.”
“Alright see you then.” The receptionist said.
“Ok,” I replied & hung up. My first business in my new lodge promised to be a mouth-watering one…
By 7.50pm on the dot, I was at Leo hotel –10minutes earlier to the time I proposed.The receptionist at once knew I was serious with the job.
“Good evening,” I greeted on entering.The receptionist, a young looking man of about 26yrs looked up & flashed his professional smile at me.
“Rosy right?” He asked.
“Yes Rosy,” I replied.
“Chief hasn’t arrived,” he informed.
“But I believe he would soon be here.”
“Maybe I will sit around & wait for him,” I suggested.
“Alright no problem,” the receptionist replied.I went over to the left corner of the reception and sat on the well cushioned seats.



As I waited for Chief Badmus to arrive, a familiar face of one of my old clients walked into the hotel in the company of Stella, my ex roommate. I instantly brought out my phone & pretended to be chatting with someone hiding my face in the process. I didn’t want my roommate to see me for any reason nor my client. They had a brief chit-chat with the receptionist & as they walked down towards their newly booked room, I glanced at them & discovered that the old client of mine in question was Chief Adeboye.
A wave of annoyance swept through me & I felt like confronting him for what he did to me but on second thought, I sat back.I didn’t want to ruin my evening with Chief Badmus all because of an old forgotten client so I let the sleeping dog lie.
Chief arrived around 9pm and I walked up to him & introduced myself. The receptionist completed the remainder of the introduction & handed me the key to our room and we stepped in…
Like every other client of mine, Chief Badmus tore off my clothes as soon as we were inside & parted my legs & drove into me with his fat d!ck. He rode me for like fifteen minutes before he poured his sp€rm inside me.
“You’re very sweet dear,” he complimented breathing heavily.
“Thank you Chief,” I replied smiling. An SMS came into my phone that moment but I ignored it in order not to disrupt my romp with Chief. Chief did 3more rounds before he became exhausted & slept off. I then used the opportunity to check my phone &to my surprise it was a bank alert. Leo hotel transferred 500,000 naira to my account…
The bank alert gladdened my heart & I smiled happily to myself. Then I lay back on the bed & slept off.
The next morning I woke up to discover that Chief was already awake and dressing up. He had taken his bath while I was asleep. He glanced at me & smiled on noticing that I was awake.
“I have a very important meeting to attend with my board of directors,” he announced adjusting his cap.
“Ok sir,” I replied sitting up on the bed.
“Hope you got your payment alert?”
“Yes I did,” I replied.
“Ok, here’s additional cheque of 500,000 naira. You deserve more,” he complimented handing the cheque to me. I didn’t know how to express the joy I felt at that moment.
“Jeeeeeeeeeeeeeez!” was what escaped from my mouth as tears of joy rolled down my cheeks. For the first time since I ventured into runz, I was rewarded with one million naira. I felt on top of the world & while I lay on the bed rejoicing, Chief bade me goodbye & left for his meeting.
Later that morning as I was leaving Leo hotel, I got a call from Lomalinda hotel about a Major General in the army who would be needing my services that evening. The name Lomalinda sent a peculiar chill down my spine & reminded me of my past experience in the hotel. My experience with Lomalinda hotel hadn’t been good so I informed them before hand of my “pay before service” policy.
Surprisingly they agreed to it.I had expected them to argue and haggle over it but they didn’t. I first went to the bank to cash the cheque I got from Chief before heading back to my lodge to prepare for the evening job.
I paid the money into my account & headed to my lodge. My phone rang while I was still inside the taxi & I reached for it & glanced at the caller who was no other person than Denis. I sighed, put the phone on silent & dropped it back into my bag. I wasn’t ready for Denis & any of his wahala. What occupied my mind was business & money. I needed to get to my lodge, relax and prepare for the evening job ahead. Not discussing silly issues with silly boyfriend.
6pm on the dot I was at Lomalinda hotel. The general had already arrived & was waiting for me in his room. First time I was arriving later than a client.
I introduced myself to the receptionist & reminded him of my pay before service policy. The receptionist smiled and clicked some buttons on his desktop computer. Instantly an alert came into my phone of 250,000 naira.
“The balance of 100,000 naira would be sent to you after the job,” the receptionist informed still smiling.
“depending on how satisfied our customer is.”
I thanked him & headed to the major general’s room. I got to the room & tapped gently on the door.
“Come in,” a deep masculine voice responded. I swung the lock open & entered. The general lay naked on the bed scratching his chin.
“You came late dear,” he murmured staring at me.
“Sorry I was held in a traffic jam,” I lied.
“No problem dear. Join me in bed,” he invited. I took off my clothes & hopped into the bed with the general. The usual thing happened the usual way & before 2am the general lay totally exhausted on the bed snoring heavily like a drunkard who just finished seven gallons of undiluted palm wine…
The major general was so satisfied with my services that the hotel did not hesitate in paying me my balance & making me 350,000 naira richer.
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