[STORY} RUNS GIRLS (+18) EPISODE 1 – 3 – By Ejiba Ozioma Loyce


I woke up with a start unable to recall where I was. The room was familiar but I couldn’t remember how I got there. I looked round and realised it was a hotel room.Then I noticed I was naked and my private region was dripping wet.The least I could remember was that I had gone for a night party with my roommate the night before.
There was enough to eat and drink and the fun had flown lavishly.Then along came this middle-aged wealthy-looking man who came with Stella – my final year roommate.
I was in 100level while Stella was in her final year.
“Meet Chief Adeboye,” Stella introduced pointing at the middle-aged wealthy-looking man. “Chief Adeboye please meet my wonderful roommate, Linda.” I stretched out my hand and shook hands with Chief Adeboye.
Chief Adeboye held unto my hand for some seconds before dropping it.
“I wish you guys fun,” Stella said and left immediately.I felt uncomfortable when Stella left. It was my first time in a night party and I never foresaw that I was going to be left alone with a total stranger for any reason.
But then Chief Adeboye turned out to be a very nice man from the way he treated me.He lavished me with attention, showered me with compliments and treated me like a queen.Everything went on fine till he handed me a glass of red wine.I sipped a mouthful, sipped another and yet another and another.Then I started feeling dizzy and that was all I could remember.
The bathroom door clicked open and Chief Adeboye stepped out from the bathroom completely naked.The picture of what had happened became clear to me.Chief Adeboye must have drugged me, carried me to his hotel room and slept with me without my consent.But then I had no evidence to support my claim.His phallus stood erect between his two legs pointing at me like an aggrieved snake.
“What did you do to me?” I asked trembling with fear.Chief Adeboye ignored my question and climbed unto the bed.
“My friend, spread your legs!” He ordered grabbing my knees and yanking them apart.I felt sharp pain in my lower belly as Chief forcefully drove his phallus into my aggrieved pu$$¥.
Back and forth he moved for some minutes before he began to groan like a bull on heat as I felt warm, sticky fluid hit the mouth of my womb.
When he was done, he pushed me aside and threatened to deal with me if I ever revealed what happened to anybody.Then he dressed up, took his car keys and left without uttering any other word to me.



I lay back on the bed feeling terribly devastated.I didn’t know what to do. I didn’t know who to tell and my roommate never really explained this fun thing very well to me.
At the foot of the bed lay a mouth-watering cheque of two hundred and fifty thousand Naira.
Chief obviously must have left it there as payment for my services.Was this what Stella meant by making cool cash while having fun? I had seen Stella as a very rich girl from the first day I packed into our room as her roommate.My parents weren’t financially buoyant and the much they did was pay my school fees and give me little stipends which they called pocket money.Sometimes giving me the stipend was even a problem.But Stella’s case was different. She was a good example of what a poor fellow like me would describe as rich. She had lots of clothes, lots of handbags, expensive phones and drove one sexy range rover jeep.Our room was well furnished. We had flat screen tv, Dstv, home theatre, air conditioner, very nice and colourful rug which matched our curtain and one very big bed.Stella had bought them all. All I contributed into the room was my box of clothes.
Initially Stella had lied to me that her parents were her sole sponsor in school until I saw the calibre of men she associated with.I had thought that since her parents were rich that probably those men were her family friends but not until one day – I can’t remember the exact date – when I opened up to her about my financial condition.How I was finding it difficult to maintain myself in school and whether she could help me in anyway. She accepted to help me and informed me that there was one business she did at her leisure that yields cash. She said the name of the business was “FUN AND CASH” and that it was very profitable and was all about having fun and making money at the same time. That there was no stress or risk in the business.
She informed me that our first outing would be in 3days and that she would introduce me to the business that day.I never foresaw that my first time would turn out the way it did.I wasn’t a virgin quite alright but to have gotten drugged and raped wasn’t the picture I had in mind for my first time.
As I lay on that bed that fateful morning inside the hotel room after Chief had left, I felt very depressed and worthless but nonetheless, I had made cool two hundred and fifty thousand naira which my parents would never have given me in the next ten decades to come…
When I came back to our room later in the afternoon, Stella wanted to know how everything went but I refused to talk to her. This annoyed her so much and she left me alone.
I lay on the bed ruminating over the events of the past night.After a while I got up, went to my purse and brought out the cheque of two hundred and fifty thousand naira and stared at it one more time.I had to go and cash it as soon as possible to avoid stories that touch.
I dressed up and went to the bank to cash the cheque and when the cash was handed to me, I couldn’t believe I was the one handling such amount.The sight of the money gladdened my heart and erased all the depression I felt.I dropped the money inside my handbag and headed back to my hostel.
I narrated how everything happened to Stella later in the evening when she came back. She smiled after listening to my story and said: ”welcome to the game but don’t allow yourself get drugged next time.” I thanked her for her advice.
The next day I went shopping and bought new clothes for lectures and for business. I also bought Samsung galaxy smart phone, new handbag and new makeup kit.
I had learnt that the smart phone helped us in getting clients by snapping lewd pictures and uploading to social media where potential clients could contact us.I submitted pics to different hotels and pleaded with them to contact me in case any guest in their hotel needed company.
The two hundred and fifty thousand naira had increased my interest in the business and there was no going back.I opened a new bank account and deposited the remainder of the money therein.
Our second semester exams was scheduled to start the next Monday and I wasn’t prepared.

But that wasn’t going to be a problem – I knew how to go about it…



The exams started that monday as scheduled and I was busy writing jargon in my scripts.I hadn’t been reading so there was no way I would know what to write.
The students sitting by my sides didn’t help matters too as they both closed their answer booklets from my prying eyes making it relatively impossible for me to copy.
“Please let me see the ones you’ve written,” I pleaded with one of the chaps.The guy didn’t respond.Instead he behaved like he didn’t hear what I said and continued with what he was writing.
I never knew such behaviour was obtainable in a university where getting first position or last position wasn’t relevant.
After that response, I kept to myself and continued writing my jargon.For one week we wrote the exams one after the other till it finished.
Then the second phase of the hustle began.I went from one lecturer’s office to the other sorting my way out by cash and kind depending on the one the lecturer demanded.There was this particular lecturer that gave me hard time. He had refused to collect money from me and wouldn’t grant me audience till the day I barged into his office unannounced.He had stared at me with fear not knowing what gave me the impetus to barge into his office the way I did.I locked the door behind me and instantly reminded him of why I came.
“I have told you that your proposition is impossible,” he said sitting back in his chair.
“How I wish you know what you’re missing sir,”I replied pulling up my skirt and turning around for him to see my well shaped asset.
“All these would be yours to enjoy free of charge if only you would help me.”The man remained silent for sometime.
Then I heard him mutter some inaudible words and pointed to a white piece of paper in his left hand.
“Write down your phone number here,” he commanded…
I was in my room that friday evening a week after our exams when my phone began to ring. The number wasn’t familiar but I decided to pick.Who knows, it could be a potential client or someone important.
“Hello good evening,” I greeted on picking the call.
“Am I speaking with Linda Ezeagbo?” A baritone voice asked from the other end of the line.
“Yes you’re,” I replied.
“Ok its Mr Ofoegbu on the line. Meet me at Lomalinda hotel by 7pm on the dot.” Then he hung up.
Mr Ofoegbu was the lecturer who had asked me to put down my phone number on a white piece of paper.I looked at my wrist watch and it was ten minutes past six. I hurried into the bathroom, took a quick bath, came out, put on one very short mini skirt with a top that revealed the whole of my cleavage and zoomed off.
Lomalinda hotel was about twenty minutes drive from my hostel but then I first branched to an ATM to collect some money before going because all the expenses that would emanate from the visit was probably going to be on my head.I got to the hotel around five minutes to seven and dialled Mr Ofoegbu’s number.
“Come to room 901,” he informed on picking.I hurried over to the room and knocked on the door.
“Come in,” a baritone voice replied from inside.I opened the door and stepped in.Mr Ofoegbu was lying naked on the bed. His joystick stood erect asif saying welcome to me.
“Lock the door and join me,” he directed.I locked the door behind me, took off my clothes and joined him on the bed.He instantly grabbed my b00bs and began to suck my n!ppl€s hungrily.
“Stop, Stop,” I cried cutting him short and surprising him at the same time.
“Are you promising me an “A” in your course?” I asked looking him directly in the eye.
“Yes yes,” he gasped with uncontrolled desire.
“Are you sure?” I asked to be sure that the deal has been sealed.
“Yes I’m sure,” he replied.I slowly parted my legs for him and he t—-t in his joystick into my wet pu$$¥ with all the energy his loins could muster.
For close to 30minutes he bounced up and down and in and out of me until he started groaning like a bull and ejaculated inside.Alas the deal was sealed and I eagerly expected an “A” in that course…



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